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The Story of Lady Anne's Closet


I am a veteran of the “artisan industry” for over 30 years. I feel honoured to be able to use my inherited talents to carry on her love for jewelry by lovingly producing my own creations.


I offer affordable, unique jewelry for everyone. Whether for wedding or office wear, daily wear or gift giving, I have something for everyone, no matter the occasion!

I start with broken and gently used vintage jewelry and repurpose them into unique items to be loved once again. This is my “Passion”! Each piece is the only one of its kind and is made to last.

The significance of orchids on my website is something that is very close to my heart. My grandma (who lived to be 102) adored orchids, everyone would always bring orchids as gifts for her. As my grandmother got older, my mom (the youngest of 18 children) began taking care of my mother, and their love for orchids was always something that they bonded over. Orchids are always something that we relate to my grandmother and my mother because the flower is so delicate, feminine, and a classic statement piece. I am continuing the orchid tradition in honor of my grandma and mother.

Thank you for visiting my shop! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I post new pieces before they go live.  Have a question or want to find something in particular? Feel free to message me here or at  I’d love to hear from you!




Welcome to Lady Anne’s Closet, a place to find one of a kind upcycled jewelry pieces! I named my business after my mother, Anne. She always had an eye for fashion and could dress up any outfit or make a statement with the jewelry she wore. After watching her collection grow for over 40 years, she decided to pass them all on to me.  With too many pieces to wear in one lifetime, I decided to give these pieces new life.  Using her collection, I began to repurpose them and create one of a kind vintage accessories in her honour!  Each and every piece that I design is truly unique and strong in craftsmanship.

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